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The Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine is manufactured in the USA and is a portable hand stitcher that can be mounted or clamped to any surface. Some people refer to it as a hand crank sewing machine but it actually uses a motor pulley. The Tippman Boss sewing machine for leather starts with a simple pull of the handle and completes a precise lockstitch with each pull. It is built with extremely durable, precision cast, metal parts and is able to sew leather up to 3/4″ (19mm) thick as well as almost any other heavy material. It is very light compared to the powered machines) so you can easily move it around or store away when not in use. It includes a thread stand, bobbin winder adapter, two bobbins, standard presser foot, one spool of #277 thread, tools, operator’s manual, and an assortment of 10 needles.

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Pros and Cons

Is it the best heavy duty sewing machine? Is it the best heavy duty LEATHER sewing machineThat is a more difficult question. Yes, it is a fantastic heavy duty sewing machine for leather but it is dependent on your current goals and your future endeavors.

Pros of the Boss leather sewing machine:

  • It is impossible to beat the Boss’ tiny footprint. This machine does not plug into the wall, run a motor and draw large amounts of electricity.
  • An industrial leather sewing machine can weigh hundreds of pounds, while the current aluminum frame Boss weighs only 23 pounds.
  • The Boss is relatively easy to maintain. The Tippmann Industrial website has a schematic diagram that you can refer to as well as a complete list of part numbers. Every part of the machine is easily accessible so cleaning and oiling is no trouble at all.
  • The ability to precisely place each stitch is incredible. This makes it almost perfect for sewing holsters and magazine pouches.
  • Tippmann Boss has very good customer service. If you have problems with your machine outside of warranty, you can ship it back to the company and they will completely refurbish it for a very reasonable price. This usually costs between $75-$150. If you are not sure what is wrong, Tippmann customer service will helpfully discuss the problem with you and give you a quote on the repair cost.
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Cons of the Tippmann Boss

  • The hand-cranking of the machine can get very tiring over long periods of time.
  • The Tippmann Boss, for a hand-powered machine is expensive. As you have seen with the heavy duty sewing machine reviews on the main page, you can get an excellent, brand new, powered machine for what a Boss will cost. There are also options that are significantly less expensive.
  • The Boss throat depth is 6.5″ instead of 9″ on a standard cylinder arm powered machine. The problem is when you have one hand powering machine and the other hand guiding the leather through, it is difficult to also bend the leather to fit inside the throat area. It can be done but you must take your time.
  • Some people do not like the new aluminum frame and think there has been a decrease in durability from the older cast iron machine.
  • The Boss pulls material into the machine by a needle feed. This can sometimes result in an inconsistent stitch length if you do not keep the presser foot tension tight enough. On the other hand, if the tension is too tight, you can end up with presser foot tracks on the leather. You obviously do not want the leather to slide around and it can do this when you press the stitching handle all the way forward to pull tension on the thread. You can attempt to avoid this by slightly pushing the leather into the machine as you stitch.
  • This is not a typical con to buying a Tippmann Boss but if you are looking to buy a used machine, they hold their value and will still be expensive.

Summary of the Tippmann Boss

Ultimately, you must decide on your leather craft goals, both now and in the future. Will you be making personal leather crafts and sharing with your friends and family? Do you like the idea of not being tied to a motor and electrical outlet? Do you want to maintain a minimal footprint? Do you like the thought of an easily maintained machine? Do any of the cons stick out at you as a problem that you cannot live with? Will the shallow throat depth bother you? What is your budget? This leather sewing machine is expensive but it might be your perfect machine.

On the other hand, if you are hoping to grow a profitable business and generate hundreds of products a month, you probably should consider one of the industrial leather sewing machines mentioned in the reviews. 

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