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About Us

Hello! I’m Amber and I am the creator of The Best Leather Sewing Machine, a website that was born out of necessity! As an avid seamstress, I was interested in creating leather products for myself and for my friends. I could buy expensive products online, but I knew I could make it myself! It turned out that finding the best leather sewing machine was a whole lot harder than I expected.

I spent weeks looking for the right leather sewing machine for what I wanted to do. With so many on the market, I found it hard to know which options I needed. There is a lot of information online and I searched through website after website to find the information that I needed. I visited my local sewing shops and spoke to the sewing experts as well as calling up the different manufactures on the phone. And so, The Best Leather Sewing Machine was born! I wanted to create a place where my readers could find everything they needed to know, along with my recommendations for the best leather sewing machine on the market, depending on your needs!

I hope you find the site useful and I hope you enjoy your new Leather Sewing Machine as much as I have!